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Object of Website:

VSV SARVODAY.COM is VAISHNAV’S first educational website with matrimonial, VISA SORAHTIA Data Bank education application forms and many other features solely for development of VISA SORATHIA VANIK Community where registration is absolutely FREE.

It is a great proud for someone to belong to a particular group or community or caste which is obtained by birth. As per Indian Histroy the group of people was divided or known by their vocations. They were Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras. Brahmins studied and preached religion, Kshatriyas ruled and protected the population, Vaishyas conducted business and farming, whereas Shudras comprised of most of the working classes. These vocations were interchangeable. So, belonging to a group was determined not by birth but rather by profession. However, over a period of time, this interchangeability became limited due to many reasons. Thus, professional communities were established and one's community was determined by birth. Subsequently, each community was divided into smaller castes and each caste was further divided into sub-castes. We - VISA SORATHIA VANIK - are basically Vaishyas - a Sanskrit word which means businessmen. In Gujarati, businessmen are called 'Vaniyas'.

Our Vision:

  1. “Education is the key to success and growth. ”
  2. The Gujarati VISA SORATHIA SAMAJ represents approximately 10,000 people spread throughout the world, out of which more than 7000 stay in Mumbai.
  3. We have dreamt that every VISA SORATHIA should be educated. By "educated" we mean that he/she should be at least a Graduate, has knowledge of computers and can speak fluent English. One who is aware of the potential of the Internet and has acquired know-how on use of computers will be truly educated in the future global digital economy.  VSVSARVODAY .COM  has taken initiative to educate our community through this website. SARVODAY MANDAL HAS STARTED  ”COMPUTER EDUCTION FUND” NAME AFTER
  4. This website is for the benefit of VISA SORATHIA VANIK Community and the information available is completely free. Please register yourself and get connected to VISA SORATHIA Samaj.
  5. CA Shri MUKESH BABUBHAI SHAH, president of Sarvoday Mandal at the time of launching this website was encouraged by a lot of people to develop this website. His vision, perseverance and great effort has resulted in this successful venture. He is grateful for the support given to him. Special thanks to Committee members of Sarvoday Mandal viz: Mahesh Khushaldas, Harkison Laxmichand Treasurers, Bharat Shantilal , Sunil V Shah secretaries   Niranjan Devidas , Haresh Maneklal, Paresh Malkan and all Dinesh Shantilal vice president and all other  Members and all the gyati members at a large.


  1. To integrate the entire Samaj on a single platform.
  2. To inspire young Visa sorathia  to connect with their Community/Samaj world-wide.
  3. To provides latest gnati information through online JYOTI
  4. To provide Community/Samaj services like updated VASTIPATRAK, matrimonial search,  visa vania  Member search with deferent criteria such as Name, Area, City, Education, Profession, Blood group, Sub caste, Birth Date, Marriage Date etc.
  5. To provide updated information with optimal search using latest edge technology and share it with  sorathia  Community/Samaj members
  6. To provide facilities for downloading educational forms and medical forms and other related forms of all the major trust of our community.

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